Yandex.Metrica launches agency certification program

Agencies that help businesses grow online need web analytics. Their tasks are difficult, because now it is not only a matter of evaluating the return on investing in ads, but also a constant search for growth points in a dataset. To make it easier for customers to find a partner that is professionally skilled in web analytics, we have launched an agency certification program for Yandex.Metrica.

What it means to be a Yandex.Metrica certified agency

Being certified means being able to solve business tasks using web analytics. Certified agency specialists are able to correctly interpret data about user behavior and make the right conclusions about how to increase user engagement, increase the average order value, lower promotion costs or achieve other business goals.

In addition, certified agencies are able to perform advanced technical tasks to provide you with valuable data. This type of agency can help you keep account of all orders made online or offline, handle the transfer of ecommerce data and export raw data.

Where you can find certified agencies

The list of Yandex.Metrica certified agencies is available on the Yandex.Metrica's site. It currently lists five agencies that achieved certified status following a certification testing process.

After passing this test, partners can place the badge you see below on their site:

How agencies can get certified

Find out more about the certification process on the Yandex.Metrica's site.