Webvisor 2.0 is coming soon

Webvisor, our session replay tool, became part of Yandex.Metrica five years ago. Since then the internet has changed a lot with the appearance of new technologies for creating websites, while mobile phones have become a significant source of traffic and conversions. To tackle these new challenges, Yandex.Metrica is creating Webvisor 2.0, which will have improved precision in recording all the details of sessions. You will also be able to try out the new Webvisor in the upcoming beta.

What’s changing in the new Webvisor?

The current version of Webvisor has several options for recording and playback. The quality of these recordings is not only influenced by these options, but also by the specific features of a site, and there are some types of dynamic content on a site that the current version of Webvisor cannot record.

The new version of Webvisor will function without the need for any additional options – you will be able to turn it on, or turn it off. The accuracy of the recording will no longer depend on the specifics of the site, and Webvisor 2.0 will always record the content seen by the user. As with the current version, you will still be able to turn off the recording of keystrokes in certain fields.

What can the new Webvisor record?

Dynamically-changing pages

Webvisor 2.0 will correctly record content that appears as it happens while a user is viewing a page. For example, product offers in an online store’s search results that are shuffled when a user scrolls down a page and is then presented with new offers based on those that the user just recently viewed. Another example would be individual collections of articles on a news site which are created based on what sort of material a user has previously read.

Plugin content

Certain types of content are created by third-party plugins which can be found on a site. They may be things like chat windows to contact support or recommendation systems that select products for users to view.

The current version of Webvisor does not record the exact content seen by a user in such blocks on a site. However, Webvisor 2.0 will always be able to correctly reproduce these elements in playback. The same will also apply to ad blocks, as the new version of Webvisor will record them as accurately as possible. With the new Webvisor you will be able to assess the impact of these third-party plugins, and track how ads affect user behavior.

Mobile traffic

Sessions from mobile devices will be recorded with improved precision, as the new Webvisor will be able to catch transitions from the desktop version of a site to its mobile version that do not require a page to be reloaded. In addition, webpages will be correctly displayed during playback when a mobile device is rotated. Another useful update is the addition of a mobile device’s screen contours to the recording of a session, which will make it easier to understand what is happening.

How to take part in testing

Send in your email address and counter number via this form to try out the new version of Webvisor. You will be contacted when Webvisor 2.0 is ready for beta testing.

Beta testing is closed. Thanks to all who joined our beta testing team! If you weren't able to try the beta version, don't feel down: the new Webvisor is on its way.

Please note: the Webvisor tool has been renamed to Session Replay.

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I really love the webvisor function, with it we found a few problems which users had with our site  , before we use metrica we need a lot of help from 3rd party users who have to test the site. So thanks a lot for this great tool!!
Updated on 29 July 2017, 19:40
The new application is great. We started using at
Fulmaks Akülü Tekerlekli Sandalye , very successful. Congratulations to the Yandex team :)
Updated on 29 July 2017, 19:40
Thank you Yandex team.
20 October 2017, 19:18
thnak you for this article.
I'm still waiting for the version webvisor 2.0 final, apparently I used the beta version but I encountered problems if the user of my site use google chrome.

Updated on 2 September 2019, 11:20
I tried Session Replay 2.0 on more websites few months ago and it gived a problem for the speed of loading page: the loading of webpages was very slow, in particular way on mobile devices.

Have you solve this problem ???
3 July 2018, 18:28
Hi i have implement the code snippet but i still can't view the session replay. Anyone know what the cause of this?
Yandex staff4 July 2018, 16:07
have you enabled the Session replay in the tag settings ?
3 December 2018, 14:47
popup opening when viewing
Üniversite Tanıtımları
12 March 2019, 19:04
I will now try with my website thank you
Updated on 27 March 2019, 00:28
Hello there. I set the codes correctly. But I'm having some problems.
Updated on 2 September 2019, 11:20
Yandex staff2 September 2019, 11:21
please, send us examples through this form