Using Yandex.Metrica for SEO: deep dive at ISS Barcelona

On May 8, meet with Yandex.Metrica at the International Search Summit in Barcelona. Our head of promotion Alexandra Kulachikova will talk in-depth about using Yandex.Metrica for search engine optimization and solving other tasks concerned with website business performance.

Key points

You can use Yandex.Metrica to optimize for any search engine, because the top ranking factors of any search engine are going to include usability.

Yandex.Metrica offers a variety of standard reports such as traffic sources, conversions, landing pages or outbound traffic. Behavioral analytics tools are also available, including Session Replay, click heat maps, scroll maps, and a form analytics feature. This combination, when used correctly, can take your SEM to the next level. Using data from ''classic'' reports, you can create fine-grained segments and view their sessions. Segmentation will help you find the UX drawbacks of your site, as well as single out the most successful usability solutions.

This all-round view of your audience will allow you to discern behavior patterns and understand how to improve your site's performance and ranking. There is no need to stop at only analysing usability when your site has a clear business purpose either. Alexandra will share a few hints on using Yandex.Metrica to gauge the effectiveness of marketing efforts, as well as for product analytics.

More information about ISS Barcelona is available on the event's official website.