Upcoming Yandex.Metrica Events in Berlin and Istanbul 

Yandex.Metrica's team is hitting the road again to meet our users in Germany and Turkey! Check out the events list below to know where and when to catch us and ask us any questions — we are always thrilled to talk to people interested in digital analytics.

  • 8-9 October, Berlin, DCX Expo. It is a major event bringing together media publishers from around the world. At the DCX stage, Yandex.Metrica's head Ksenia Anikeeva will be giving a talk on challenges of digital analytics for publishers — the talk is scheduled for 9 October, 16:00. And at our booth A.01-E you'll find our friendly team who'll be happy to help — they are going to be there on both days of the event.  Buy tickets for the DCX Expo. 

  • 12 October, Istanbul, MeasureCamp. Yandex.Metrica is a regular sponsor of the MeasureCamp unconferences. This way, we are helping to nurture the digital analytics community all around the world. MeasureCamp is an informal meeting of analysts where anyone can give a talk, start a discussion, or run a workshop. Attending is free, but don't forget to register and save your place!

  • 30 October, Istanbul, Yandex.Metrica Workshop Day. We are holding a full-day workshop for analysts and marketers who are familiar with Yandex.Metrica, but need a boost to take their skills to a new level. Master analytical best practices free, and in just one day. Register free to save your seat.

See you in Berlin and Istanbul! 

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