The most useful Yandex.Metrica updates in 2018

It's time for our traditional round-up of the most useful features that were rolled out last year. Check if you know all of them!


Missing level added to analytics: the new Users report
This update bridged the gap between analytics of trends and analytics at a micro level. When you analyze trends, you look at your data from a bird's-eye view using standard graph-and-table reports, which show you sessions and users in the aggregate. Analytics at a micro level examines individual pieces of data, like when you analyze individual session recordings. The "missing link" was user-level analysis, which would let you look at individual users and study their behavior with high granularity.

You can use the new report to analyze anonymous profiles of all your site users and find out more about their preferences and their needs. A profile contains essential user characteristics like the source which first brought them to your site, their device type, region, total number of conversions, and other metrics. It also features a detailed timeline of all user actions on your site so you can see how different events form a meaningful pattern.


New session playback features
Session Replay recordings now offer more ways to get insights into user behavior. Recordings show the moment when a user switches to another tab opened from a link on your site. Moreover, the most meaningful events in a session, like goal completion, clicks, or opening the on-screen keyboard are now marked in a recording so you can fast-forward to them. Learn more about other new session playback features.


Enhanced privacy settings in Session Replay 2.0
Session Replay automatically masks characters in form fields that can contain sensitive data like names or contact details. This feature works out of the box. However, sensitive data might also appear in other elements of a site, like a chat history. You can now manually mask these elements to keep your customers' online data totally confidential.


Scheduled reports and new tag building wizard
Working with analytics involves many routine actions, and we strive to ease your routine. With scheduled reports in Yandex.Metrica, you can set up scheduling for almost any report and get it delivered to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly. The tag creation process is also simpler: it now consists of two simple steps with prompts to install the tag code.


GDPR compliance
We have been working hard to ensure that Yandex.Metrica’s features are compliant with the new European data legislation. Learn more.


Google Sheets and Data Studio connector for Yandex.Metrica
A connector from Supermetrics lets you seamlessly transmit your Yandex.Metrica data to Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, or MS Excel. You just need to set up the connector once, and then watch your data get updated automatically. See the full list of Yandex.Metrica integrations.


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6 February 2019, 05:22
yandex matrica is great tool i am using at tagaloglike from yesterday and i am fan now of this tool :) 
Updated on 24 February 2019, 14:45