The most useful Yandex.Metrica updates in 2017

Many new features rolled out for Yandex.Metrica last year. We have compiled a list of the most useful ones, which will be especially helpful for those who like to stay up to date with the latest Yandex.Metrica features, but do not regularly check our blog.

Only the features currently available to all users are listed. Other tools that are still in beta such as Session Replay 2.0 and cross device conversion reports are not included.

Getting closer to end-to-end analytics: offline conversions, calls and raw data

Often, different data on the actions of buyers is located in separate places. For instance, an order made on a website will be recorded by web analytics, a call will be accounted for by call tracking, while a purchase or other conversion made offline (such as a user physically visiting an office) ends up in the CRM system. Therefore, we have a problem: how can we collect all conversions by buyers into one chain and improve efficiency at every stage of the sales funnel.

Fortunately, all this data can now be combined in Yandex.Metrica by sending offline conversions and detailed call information from your call tracking system. Both offline conversions and calls will be linked to the respective site sessions so that they can be used in any reports.

You can now also export raw logs and combine them with even more data sources to create your own attribution models and use them to solve advanced analytical tasks.

Improved segmentation

Create more detailed segments by using multi-step goals. This helps identify those sessions where users do not fully complete all the steps in a conversion. For example, finding all users who filled out a feedback form, but did not confirm placing an order.

There is also a new feature that allows you to easily create segments from report rows by clicking on the funnel icon for the dimension you want. Clicking it will leave only the selected sessions in the report. In addition, clicking the play button will open recordings of all these sessions in Session Replay:

Extra report features: notes for graphs and a “secret” tab

Leaving notes on graphs helps you keep record of important events such as the launch of a new ad campaign or site redesign so that everyone in your team will understand the key reason for a change in a graph.

If you are unable to find a certain report in Yandex.Metrica, be sure to check the “More features” tab in Settings. There you can see all reports that involve additional setup or special conditions to access, as well as their status for a specific tag.

View general internet statistics with Yandex.Radar

Yandex.Metrica registers a huge amount of data. Hidden within this trove of data is a lot of useful information for site owners. Last year we began to reveal several interesting trends that were calculated based on all the processed Yandex.Metrica data through our new service called Yandex.Radar. Currently it shows the percentage of search engines and browsers on different device types and operating systems. We will be adding more interesting data sets in the future.

Stay tuned for more exciting and useful features in 2018!