Talking user-centric analytics at Savage Marketing 2018, June 13-14

At Savage Marketing 2018 in Amsterdam, which takes place June 13-14, we will demonstrate how to do user-centric analysis in Yandex.Metrica using classic reports, individual user profiles and session recordings.

Key thoughts

To get the most out of your web analytics, you should opt for the user-centric framework in your analysis – because ultimately you're dealing with people, not sessions. In order to build a complete picture of your digital performance, it's better to do user-centric analysis on multiple levels.

Yandex.Metrica combines traditional reports with behavioral analytics tools like Session Replay and heat maps. This opens up many possibilities to enhance site analytics with valuable insights. Shifting your perspective from the macro- to the micro level of analysis will help you spot more patterns in user behavior, test hypotheses about your clients' path to purchase, and eventually maximize your business’ value.

Be sure to use the promotional code SAVAGEAK20 to get 20% off your ticket price, and don’t forget to drop by our stand to discuss the talk or just have a friendly chat on all things analytics!