Superweek conference in Hungary: let's talk machine learning and digital privacy

It’s no secret that companies collect more and more data about their customers in order to gather insights and drive value. Likewise, businesses have been showing more and more interest in self-learning algorithms, which can discover connections among that data and even act on them. But this is accompanied by an increase in privacy concerns from the user side. It’s safe to say that machine learning and privacy will prove to be some of the hottest topics in digital analytics in 2018. We’ll be discussing both of these trends in detail at the Superweek conference in Budapest, which runs from January 29
through February 2.

Viktor Tarnavsky, head of Yandex.Metrica, will share his perspective on ML-based marketing and talk about designing and using a predictive system which forecasts conversion probability and other crucial business metrics like LTV and retention of individual users. You’ll find out how to build this type of system from scratch during a masterclass featuring case studies from a major online retailer, a DYI store, and an airline booking service. The talk-masterclass will take place on January 29.

Then, on January 30, Viktor will talk at a round table about our experience getting our analytics system ready for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) enforcement and share his thoughts on privacy in the ever more digitized world.

If you plan to visit Superweek Hungary, we’ll be happy to answer your questions about Yandex.Metrica or just continue the discussion about the future of analytics on the sidelines. And don’t forget to use our promo code YNDX for 15% off. See you in Budapest!