Save time on your routine with scheduled reports

A useful new feature is now available for Yandex.Metrica reports that need to be created regularly. You can now not only save and add reports to your Favorites, but also create scheduled reports. These pre-prepared reports will be created with 100% accuracy (i.e. without sampling) and thus will open instantly in the interface.

How to set up scheduling

Click on the clock icon in a report that you want to create according to a schedule. This icon is visible to tag owners and users with access to edit:

Please note: the schedule feature is not available for some reports.

Indicate how often you need to create the report: daily, weekly (delivered on Mondays) or monthly (the first of every month). The option you choose overrides the period that was chosen in your report. For example, if you are viewing a report for the whole year and then opt for a monthly scheduled report, then the first of those reports will arrive on the first day of the next month and will contain data for the whole of the previous month. All other report settings such as the selection of metrics and dimensions, as well as attribution models and so on will stay the same in the scheduled version.

When the report is ready you will be sent a notification email with a link to the report, which will open instantly. You won’t have to wait for it to download, even if the report is based on a large amount of data. Scheduled reports are always created without sampling.

In addition, you can add to the list of email recipients all your coworkers who may also need to view the report. They won’t require access to your Yandex.Metrica account as the report data will be available as an attachment to the email. You need to separate email addresses via comma to enter multiple participants.

You can find prepared reports and set schedules in the “Scheduled reports” section:

One final bonus of this new feature is that reports can be prepared while you’re not present. If a report with a large amount of data is taking a long time to load in the interface, Yandex.Metrica will offer to prepare the report for you in your absence. You can then safely close the page that is preparing the data-heavy report. When the report is ready, a link to it will appear in the “Scheduled reports” section as well as a notification message sent to your inbox. This report is also created without sampling.