New segmentation

We've updated our segmentation capabilities to make this tool even more useful.

Whereas previously you could segment by events for a specific session, now you can also incorporate data from that unique user's previous sessions, as well as information that Yandex.Metrica has gathered about their characteristics. In other words, the new segmentation capabilities let you work with the user's entire session history saved on Metrica.

For example, you can select sessions where a user achieves a particular goal and simultaneously set a condition that they viewed the contacts page during previous sessions. Or, if you're set up to send e-commerce data, then you can select only those visitors that bought more than a set amount of products over your site's entire history.

The new segmentation capabilities also let you add several conditions of a single type. For example, you can select sessions where one of several promo pages was viewed (the first “URL view” condition) and one of two order pages was visited - “/order/” or “/one-click-order/” (the second “URL view” condition).

Additionally, you can select the time interval when the condition should have been fulfilled when you set the visitor condition (and this interval can differ from the reporting interval).

And finally, new segments can still be used in retargeting campaigns in Yandex.Direct, as usual. To learn more about our new segmentation capabilities and see additional examples of how they work, visit our Help section.