How doubled their conversion rate with Yandex.Metrica

What do you do with a website that isn’t selling well even if every single detail was thought through? Founder and general director of online furniture store Anton Makarov has shared his story with Yandex.Metrica. launched with a bright and stylish website design that a lot of time, money and effort went into. However, the site was not performing well with sales, with its conversion rate fluctuating around 0.15 percent.

Anton has shared his experience of finding UX flaws with the help of Yandex.Metrica. They located the main bottleneck in their sales funnel by watching Session Replay recordings to find out why people would bounce from making purchases, and studying the performance of their order form. Anton’s story has a happy conclusion too – after finding and fixing troublesome spots in their site, they more than double their conversion rate.

Read the case study in full on the Yandex Advertising Technology site.