From screen to screen: cross device conversions

A new feature has become available in Yandex.Metrica – the beta version of the cross device report. This report allows you to track the conversions of customers who have visited your site from several devices. For example, users first visit your site from a mobile device, then later return on a desktop computer and place an order. The cross device report allows you to assess the contribution of different device types to the conversion process and more efficiently allocate your budget to each marketing channel.

How it works

In a normal Yandex.Metrica report when a person picks a product they want via smartphone and then places an order via laptop, the order will be attributed to a session from a laptop, and the session from the mobile device will not be taken into account.* However, in the cross device report, you will see that such conversions were made by people who visited your site from mobile and desktop devices. Conversions which start and end on the same device type will end up in either the “mobile” or “desktop” group. You would get this result, for example, if someone opens your site from several laptops, but not from a smartphone or a tablet device.

*If you have not sent to Yandex.Metrica customer UserIDs.
A UserID allows you to link sessions from different devices to one user
provided that in each such session said user was signed into your site.

Breaking down the type of interaction with a site will help you evaluate which users are converting best – whether it is those who only use desktop computers, those who only use mobile devices or those who use both device types. In addition, for each group of sessions, all financial metrics will be calculated if an ecommerce goal was configured for the report (or a goal for which a value is transferred).

Also, the cross device report allows you to analyze how conversion metrics are associated with the frequency of sessions to the site for each of the three types of users:

What about “1 user = 1 browser”?

Unlike other Yandex.Metrica reports, a user in a cross device report is not equated to their browser. Instead, all of that user“s browsers and devices are taken into account. Therefore in the cross device report, the number of users is more precisely calculated and, all things being equal, the number of users to browsers will be less than in other reports.

Yandex uses Crypta technology to know when users are on different devices. Crypta is based on Yandex‘s own machine learning method which means it is able to compare anonymous data about Yandex user behavior on smartphones, computers and tablets. As a result it can with a significant degree of probability link multiple devices to one person. If several sessions from different devices do not reliably come together into one unified history, then they will not end up in a cross device report.

How to use the cross device report

The most popular use for the cross device report is when you want to more accurately estimate the effectiveness of your advertising. For example, you are running an ad campaign on desktop computers, and you want to factor in conversions not only from customers who convert on desktop, but also from those who came to your site from a computer, and then later converted via a mobile device. To do this, just select the desired date rage and create a segment of users who came to your site for a selected ad campaign.

How to access cross device statistics

This report is enabled automatically when a site has accumulated enough data for automatic cross device matching. If you don't see this report, then that means that not enough people using at least two devices have come to your site. Another reason is that visiting users do not have a Yandex account, meaning Crypta will not be able to recognize them across different devices.

More details about using cross device reports can be found in the relevant help section.