From Conversion Meter to full-funnel analytics: Yandex.Metrica turns 10

Ten years ago, CPC was a trendy metric for measuring ad performance, while tracking conversions or (heaven forbid) ROI were the exclusive province of the most advanced marketers and analysts. In the spring of 2009, Yandex.Metrica left private beta, making conversion analytics much more democratic and available to everyone. There was even a moment when the service was almost renamed to Conversion Meter due to the team's enthusiasm for measuring the real business performance of a website.

Little-known facts about Yandex.Metrica:

5% of all domains in the world use Yandex.Metrica

— Yandex.Metrica handles more than just website data: you can enrich your reports with call statistics, offline conversions, and customer data from your CRM

— Session Replay, essential as it might be to Yandex.Metrica now, hasn't always been part of our service — it was acquired in 2011

— Bot filtering uses machine learning algorithms to detect bots pretending to be humans

A ten-year anniversary is a nice opportunity to recall interesting events in Yandex.Metrica and the world. And it's also a good time for some fun — take our test to check your knowledge of web analytics and your sense of humor. Try to answer all the questions, and be sure to share your results!