Deep dive into user-centric analytics and testing with Yandex.Metrica in Istanbul

On October 4, join the Yandex.Metrica team in Istanbul for a series of in-depth talks about user-centric analytics and testing, followed by a workshop where you'll learn about the most useful Yandex.Metrica features.

What's on

We will begin with a rundown of the Yandex.Metrica features that provide deep, user-centric analytics: Session Replay and the Users report, which shows a detailed timeline of actions on your site for every user.

After that, we'll discuss the features of our mobile analytics platform AppMetrica. Among its many features, it lets you create sophisticated segments of your app's audience and communicate with them via push notifications.

Later there will be a review of two case studies illustrating how businesses can benefit from validating their user story hypotheses with A/B testing.

Closing the event will be an in-depth Yandex.Metrica workshop where attendees can get hands-on knowledge for some of the most useful Yandex.Metrica features.

The event is free to attend, but we kindly ask participants to register in advance

See you in Istanbul!