Create segments from report rows and go to their Session Replay recordings in one click

When you hover your mouse cursor over a report row, you can see two new icons that are labeled “Create segment” and “Session recordings”. Click on the funnel-shaped icon and you will instantly create a segment that includes all sessions and users from this report row:

Meanwhile, the “Session recordings” filters Session Replay recordings, meaning you will see only those sessions that belong to the selected report row.

Alex Aichew, Netpeak Agency:

When you view any report in Yandex.Metrica – from “traffic source” to “time since last session”, you can see rows with results that are beyond the average. As a result, you will get ideas for more detailed work with this segment. And now you don“t have to remember which segment you need to create – you can do this immediately in one click using the new settings and move on to another report and other data. Here are examples of our segment usage from a Yandex.Metrica report row:

1. Creating a segment of users with high conversion rate to further explore their behavior For example, we noticed that the conversion rate for users who come back to a site in two or three days is higher than those who come back to a site in one day. Using the new button in the report, you can quickly create a segment from such users and continue working with it such as to switch to another report and analyze the anomaly. 

2. Creating segments based on first touch traffic sources/campaigns By looking at traffic sources and switching attribution models, and seeing that some of the sources differ based on results in different attribution models, you can easily build a segment of those users for which the source was the first touch. 


In the future, it is possible to target these people with other messages taking into account their interaction history with your ad. Quick segmentation allows you to create data with greater convenience for targeting in Yandex.Direct, Yandex.Display and Yandex.Audience.

You can continue working with such a segment as you would with other segments. Default segment settings in the top part of the report remain in place, and you can at any moment create new segments, choose ready-made variants and compare them side-by-side.

This new segment creation feature is already available in Yandex.Metrica. Try it out and let us know what you think as we greatly value your feedback. Detailed information on the new segment creation feature is in the relevant help section, and you can ask the support service questions and leave comments below. We are always happy to help!