Multi-step goal segments

In Yandex.Metrica you can now create segments based on each stage of a multi-step goal. This will allow you to study sessions in which a complete conversion did not occur for users. For example, a user added a product to their basket, entered delivery details, but did not complete their order.

Here is what the new feature looks like in the Yandex.Metrica interface:

The “Became last” step condition allows you to select only those sessions in which users completed a particular step and afterwards “fell off”. For example, a payment method was chosen, but the order was not confirmed:

With the “Was fulfilled” step condition, you can create a segment containing all sessions for users that, for example, chose their payment  method and then “fell off”, and also sessions from users who made it further along the conversion funnel, like proceeding to the order confirmation.

In addition, multi-step goal segments can also be used in Session Replay.

You can read more about goal types in the Help section.