Adding notes to Yandex.Metrica graphs

There's a new feature to make viewing statistics in Yandex.Metrica more convenient — you can now add notes to any line graphs in Yandex.Metrica reports. This can come in handy if you want to mark the launch date of a new promo-campaign that then caused a spike in your traffic, or if you changed your site layout in such a way that your conversion numbers increased. You will also notice some other improvements to the graphs themselves — to see the values of the dimensions you have selected, just hover the cursor over the point that interests you:

To add a note, just click on the spot in the graph you want to mark. Consider using different colors to organize different types of notes — green, for example, can be used for site updates, and purple can signify changes resulting from traffic sources. Automatic notes with letters like М (monitoring) or H (holidays) also help make sure anyone viewing the graphs understands the background for changes in statistics:

Notes also appear on Dashboard widgets:

Here are some tips on how to use notes from specialists in Yandex.Metrica certified agencies:

At MediaGuru, we take advantage of features like this in other tools and are glad to see that Yandex.Metrica has made it available. We use notes to add information about when we launch new ad campaigns, make changes to them, and update a site's design and functionality. Notes in Yandex.Metrica allows us to better communicate with our clients: they can immediately see the reasons for fluctuations in the graph and better understanding what's happening in their projects.

– Pavel Mrykin, Manager, department of automation and analytics, MediaGuru

Being able to add notes to graphs is especially helpful when working with clients who have several ad campaigns for different promo-sites, running at once and using one Yandex.Metrica tag — it's easy to mark what changed, when, on which site or in which campaign. Retargeting campaigns for one of the promo-sites, for example, increase the overall traffic on the tag, and it's important for us to understand why traffic is increasing. Notes also come in handy when we want to mark promotions in offline stores that also have an impact on online traffic.

– Yana Saulova, Senior analyst at RealWeb