Welcome to Yandex.Connect!

Yandex.Connect is a set of business-related services for every-day use that help companies and teams work together and collaborate effectively. Some of our services have been available to users for years. Yandex.Mail and Yandex.Disk for instance are being used by millions of people. Yandex Mail for Domains is also quite popular amongst companies, schools, governmental institutions and other organizations. We also added services that Yandex initially developed for its own internal needs. Now we are ready to present them to our users. We believe that services that make Yandex more effective as a company will also work well for other companies.

So, Yandex.Wiki is the first new service. It is a convenient tool to keep information in an organized form. With Yandex.Wiki, you can create, store, discuss and jointly edit any text such as information about projects, reference data, sketches and plans.

Another new service is Yandex.Yamb – a messenger service that makes your job easier and more efficient within a company. It is automatically integrated with your shared address book so you have all the company employees in your contact list. Need to ask a quick question? Why not just send an instant message? All communication takes place between colleagues and if employees leave the company, they lose all access to the messenger. Therefore, allowing you to monitor and safeguard your internal corporate communication.

In addition to tools for better integration between services in Yandex.Connect, we also created a brand-new tool for administrators to manage accounts, organizational structure, working groups and teams, roles and privileges. Share files, send emails, create chats and make appointments in calendar with departments and teams. It“s easy and convenient.

To provide users a variety of options to choose from, we decided to categorize the services offered to users in two: Paid and Free.

While some features are limited in the free options, they do offer some benefits. We also have a special deal for educational institutions. We offer some of the advanced features to schools and universities for free - with certain limits. So depending on the number of employees your company has and your specific needs, you can check out both options on the Sales Portal and find the best fit.

Did you know that the first users of Yandex.Connect are the people who have worked with Yandex.Mail for Domains? We actually received some great feedback from them. By the way, you actually do not need a domain to sign up for Yandex.Connect. You can sign up and configure a domain later. In addition, for some reason if you need to use more than one domain - that's not a problem either. With Yandex.Connect you can have an email sent to your domain alias and still receive it in the same inbox with your main domain.

If you have any questions regarding the Yandex.Connect packages, you can contact us directly or check out our FAQ page for answers.

14 April 2017, 21:35
I'm not able to change the language from Russian to English. Isn't it available in English?
Deleted user
15 May 2017, 08:42

Just access it with the English domain:
That always do the trick with me on Yandex sites.
5 June 2017, 14:36
And this is how the Connect back end looks at the moment.

The amount of bugs is substantial
Seems good service though. Helpful for both small scale and large scale industries..Thumps up yandex. These services can also used for personal use too..I had migrated from Zoho to Yandex, as yandex provides very flexible services. But yandex team do add some Office tools too.. Anyway Thanks for bringing this one . Am using it for personal  site  Abhinavdas with delegated with yandex dns. But sometimes Dns Config's take some time, which will be ok.
Updated on 29 August 2017, 07:50
4 September 2017, 15:51
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9 January 2018, 08:22
Good service provided by you ... the post makes me switch to Yandex.
<a href=""> yandex customer service</a>.
25 January 2019, 01:04
21 August 2019, 15:13
Hi I have configured the SPF correctly but it fails.
Shivam Arup Kumar D.
28 September 2019, 09:20
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