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Car sales
In business for:
21 years
Using Direct:
since 2006

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Car sales
In business for:
21 years
Using Direct:
since 2006
Nezavisimost group is one of the largest car holdings in Russia. Marketing Director, Polina Kulyukhina, and Internet Project Manager, Ilya Samylov, talk about why car dealerships need to develop new business directions and why Direct became their main traffic source.
— Tell us about how your business is set up.

— Polina: Our chain includes more than 30 dealerships in Moscow and other major cities. We sale and service twelve brands of cars, ranging from mainstream to prestigious.

A car dealership’s work is strictly regulated by car manufacturers’ standards. For example, importers recommend which marketing activities we should conduct and require us to approve advertising models and media plans.

We find a middle ground between our own goals and importers’ strict requirements that often require investments from dealerships in promoting their brands. Our goal is to promote our own services and strengthen our brand.

— How do you draw clients?

— Polina: We place an emphasis on unique and personal offers for clients. Independence strives to become an indispensable expert for the buyer concerning all issues connected to a car. That’s why we often advertise both cars and the service that goes along with it. In order to provide additional services, we are developing new business directions that don’t depend on importers’ policies: providing insurance and auto credit, leasing, and offering used cars. We also have the largest body repair center in Europe.

Soon, buyers won't select a car brand, but rather the dealer that they're comfortable working with. It's important for us that they choose us.

— Which advertising channels do you use and how do you select them?
— Polina: The most important channel for us is the internet. It’s not so strictly regulated by importers and the effectiveness of internet advertising can be precisely evaluated.
Carefully working with low-frequency queries creates good conversion rates with smaller costs
— How is your advertisement placement currently configured on Direct?
— Ilya: We started working with Direct through an agency, but after some time, we created an in-house team. Now, our department has experts that work in the sphere of search marketing who track and make corrections to ad campaigns every day. We use both the Direct interface and automatized systems to edit our ad campaigns.
— How does Direct help increase your sites’ traffic?
— Ilya: More than 40% of users come to us from Direct. People tend to look for cars on Yandex. That’s why we spend half of our internet advertising budget on Direct.
— What do you consider to be an indicator of advertising’s effectiveness?

— Ilya: Our main goal is to make contact with clients. That’s why a visitor can contact a manager through the contact form or ask a question to an online consultant at every step of selecting a vehicle.

— Polina: We can say that Direct brings the buyer to our dealership. After that, professional sales consultants step in. And even if we draw in a client, if a sales consultant doesn’t do their work properly, all our efforts will have been in vain.

— Do you track which ads clients call you from?
— Ilya: Yes, we use Yandex’s ‘Target Call’ for advertising in Direct and a few virtual telephone numbers for ads on other sites to track ads’ effectiveness.
— What is an indicator of effectiveness for you?
— Ilya: Our main goal is quality traffic to our site and, as a result, contact with the client for feedback. That’s why we always analyze visitors’ behavior on our site and we determine from which sites they first came to us.
Direct really works
— Tell us about the particularities of your work with Direct.
— Ilya: Direct gives an enormous volume of information that must be analyzed and corrected every day in accordance with market tendencies, importers’ requirements, and competitors’ actions. It’s not enough to be visible in search results; it’s important to control how attractive an ad is for a user and to respond to his or her requests. We create headers that stand out and unique offers for our clients. We also carefully work with low-frequency queries that create good conversion rates with smaller costs.
— If you had to compare Direct with an object, what would that be?
— Ilya: Direct reminds me of a labyrinth cube that you have to guide a ball through. The better you guide the ball, the quicker you reach the result.
— What advice can you give those who are just starting to use Direct?
— Ilya: Don’t be afraid to try, study, and use all of the capabilities that exist in Direct. This tool really works.
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