Addappter allows you
to provide additional
services for your clients
at the moment of sale

This is an out-of-the-box software solution that
lets mobile device retailers generate revenue
by preinstalling apps on smartphones and tablets
purchased by their customers.
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Quick and easy app installation
Fast transfer
of contacts from old
phone to new device
Full set of
in-store hardware


A complete and
ready-to-use technical
setup – free of charge
Legally distributed
Up-to-date apps
on tap – all of them
are legally distributed
Easy to use
Simple interface that
doesn’t require special
knowledge or training
Fast service
Device customisation
for your clients
in five minutes
Customisation stats
Detailed information about
every customisation
session in every store
Covers all brands
Available for Android
devices (Windows Phone
coming soon)

Why Addappter is a useful tool
for your business

It boosts your
revenues from mobile
device sales
It allows you
to increase your
customer loyalty
It lets you preinstall
your own apps
on new devices

How it works

Install Addappter on your
desktop or tablet computer
Connect your customer’s
smartphone or tablet to
the device with Addappter
Select any of the apps
in the package or choose
additional services
Tap the button to upload
the apps to the client's device

Ways to generate steady income with Addappter

Make money by providing a paid service for your customers, or offer the service for free.
Choose the model that suits you best, or use both.
App developers pay
for distribution
App developers pay Yandex
for app distribution through
Yandex shares revenues
with retailers
Customers pay
for additional services
Customers pay retailers
to customise their newly
purchased devices
Retailers share revenues
with Yandex