Addappter is an efficient method of distributing
your apps to end users
via retail outlets

This is a customisation tool for smartphones
and tablets which allows you to have your apps
preinstalled on newly purchased devices
at a point of sale.
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Why Addappter is a good way
to preinstall apps

Any developer – big
or small – can get
installs for their apps
No need to secure contracts separately
with each vendor
You can start even with
a small budget (1,000
installs at $0.69 CPI)
Your app starts getting offered for preinstalls
in a few days


Targeted preinstalls
Targeting by location,
by device model, by retailer
and many more
Accessible statistics
Information about number
of installs is viewable through
3rd-party analytics tools
Covers all brands
Available for Android devices,
covering all brands (Windows
Phone is coming soon)
Standard APK
No need for separate
package – a single app
store version will do

How it works

A sales assistant offers the
customer installing your app
on their newly purchased device
The mobile device is connected to the Addappter-enabled desktop or tablet computer
Your app gets uploaded to the customer’s newly purchased mobile device
The customer receives
a personalised device with
all the apps they need

Addappter today